With over 12 years experience, Cleaning Force UK Ltd have an array of upholstery cleaning systems, and there will be one ideally suited to your needs. We are the ultimate upholstery cleaners. Whether your upholstery is velour, damask, chenille, hessian or leather, we have the expertise to clean and rejuvenate your furniture.

Water Extraction

For most fabrics the most effective upholstery cleaning system is water extraction. A cleaning solution is first sprayed onto the surface to be cleaned, worked into the fabric by hand, and left for a few minutes to take effect. A second solution is then applied which combines to loosen any soiling. The fabric is then extracted by the use of a powerful vacuum. The result – much cleaner upholstery. We use this system widely in both commercial and domestic environments, especially hotels where upholstery in reception areas gets considerable use leading to heavy soiling, and restaurants where dining chairs need frequent cleaning due to food spillage.

Steam Cleaning

This method of upholstery cleaning is similar to water extraction, except high temperature steam is also applied. This helps to sanitise the fabric and is therefore popular with care homes & and surgeries. Steam cleaning is also used to sanitise mattresses in conjunction with an anti bacterial cleaning solution.

Whatever the Job

As experienced upholstery cleaners, we are able to clean all kinds of upholstered furniture using the above systems: Sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, conference and banqueting chairs, bar stools etc. bringing up and refreshing the appearance of, even old and heavily soiled upholstery.

Stain Guard

The chemical solutions we use for upholstery cleaning contain a built in stain guard to give your furniture protection from accidents and spillages and accidents that may occur in the future.


Leather furniture requires careful cleaning by hand, First the furniture is rubbed down with a damp cloth, then a specialist cleaning solution is applied. After buffing a conditioner is applied to the leather by hand. There is no suitable machine for cleaning leather upholstery.

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