Cleaning Force UK Ltd are capable of cleaning any type of carpet. Very often carpet tiles are the preferred choice in commercial shop / office environments. With our low moisture carpet cleaning system there is no risk of carpet tiles curling at the edges or backing adhesive becoming loose and carpets usually dry in approximately 30 minutes. Trodden in chewing gum can normally be removed unless the carpet is very worn and thin.

We are extremely experienced at working around static desks and cleaning around computer towers. Canteen and kitchenette carpets may have more difficult stains which are removable with specialist stain removal chemicals. Hard floors such as safety non-slip flooring are cleaned and dried using a scrubber dryer, laminate vinyl or tiles are cleaned with specialist chemicals and buffed or polished with a non slip seal.

Office furniture, such as operators chairs will be cleaned using water extraction and specialist chemicals which include stainguard.  

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