Achieving Superb Results On All Kinds Of Hard Floor Surfaces

Cleaning Force UK are experts at hard floor cleaning in both commercial and domestic environments. We are comprehensively equipped with buffers, steamers, scrubber dryers etc. to deal with all surfaces such as laminate, vinyl, wood, tiles, marble and safety floors.

In The Commercial Environment

We clean all manner of hard floors: Tiled and marble hotel entrance lobbies, leisure centre changing room tiled floors, laminate and wood floors in meeting rooms, non slip safety floors in canteens and kitchens, sports hall and gymnasium vinyl floors, and hospital vinyl corridors and wards. We are experts in the technique of stripping and sealing vinyl floors.

At Home

Kitchen floors are a speciality. Over time, mopping spreads dirt and grease and much of it settles in the grouting causing it to discolour and look unsightly. We can make your kitchen floor look like new again! Similarly, mould and mildew that has gathered in the grouting on tiled shower room and bathroom walls can be eradicated. Hard floor cleaning is a service few cleaning companies offer. However, being experts in this specialised field, Cleaning Force UK achieve superb results on all kinds of hard floor surfaces.

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